Three-D Issue 15

Three-D, issue 15 (PDF, 1.2 Mb)MeCCSA Three-D newsletter cover

In this issue:

1 Slash and burn (Einar Thorsen)

2 Cuts and their consequences (Natalie Fenton)
4 Utility of fiction and fictions of utility (John Corner)
5 A career on the edge (Eleanor Shember-Critchley)
6 So farewell UKFC (Graham Roberts)
8 Diploma in Creative and Media (Helen Baehr)
9 Success and innovation in HE (Paul Baldwin, Liam French and Howard Tumber)

Reports and initiatives
11 Chair’s report (Sue Thornham)
12 A view from the Treasuer’s ledge(r) (Karen Ross)
12 Updates on REF and research ethics (Peter Golding)
14 Climate Change Network (Neil Gavin)
15 Disability Studies Network (Alison Wilde and Margaret Montgomerie)
16 Policy Network (Máire Messenger Davies)
17 Practice Section (Jason Lee)
18 Race Network (Sarita Malik)
19 Radio Studies Network (Peter Lewis)
20 Women’s Media Studies Network (Sarah Evans)
21 Postgraduate Network (Susan Berridge, Alexia Smit, Lavinia Brydon and Shelley Thompson)

Posted by Einar Thorsen