Three-D Issue 13

  • Three-D, issue 13 (PDF, 1.3 Mb)MeCCSA Three-D newsletter cover
  • In this issue: Apocalypse now: climate change, Digital Britain and REF! (Einar Thorsen); Features: Climate change, sustainability, and higher education (Peter Brooks, Neil T.Gavin, Alex Lockwood); Digital Britain (Steven Barnett, Patricia Holland, Peter Lewis), From RAE to REF (Peter Golding); Reports and initiatives: Chair’s report (Christine Geraghty), MeCCSA Annual Conference (Robin Mansell, Myria Georgiou), My five years at MeCCSA (Salvatore Scifo), Practice Section (Jason Lee), Women’s Media Studies Network, Policy Network (Máire Messenger Davies, Natalie Fenton), Postgraduate Network (Shelley Thompson, Amy Chambers, Jennifer Krase, Jean Northam).
Posted by Einar Thorsen