Postgraduate Network

The aim of the Postgraduate Network (MeCCSA-PGN) is to bring together postgraduate students in media,communication and cultural studies from different intellectual traditions and cultural backgrounds in order to form research, and teaching and learning networks and also ensure peer support.

The Postgraduate Network’s goals are to:

  • Situate postgraduate researchers in the national landscape of media, communication and cultural studies
  • Provide a national forum where postgraduates can participate in workshops/seminars related to teaching, learning and research
  • Bring together members of the postgraduate community in order to debate contemporary issues in media, communication and cultural studies
  • Provide a supportive environment where postgraduates can establish valuable contacts for the future

MeCCSA-PGN was originally established with support from the now defunct Art Design Media Higher Education Academy Subject Centre (ADM-HEA). 



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