Social Movements Network


The proposal to create a Social Movements Network responds to the interest of various academics who are interested in the study of social movements and who have spoken positively about the possibility of having a MeCCSA Network which facilitates the sharing of information amongst academics, researchers and activities, in order to develop productive links between academia and social movements.

The Social Movements Network creates opportunities to research and discuss the role of media, film, communication and cultural studies in social movements, improving the ability of researchers to engage with activists and groups engaged in social movements and conducting critical analysis of the ways in which they are mediated and how they mediate themselves.

Aims and Objectives

  • To encourage the critical study of social movements, and to promote the work of academics, researchers and practitioners whose work is concerned with any aspect or perspective in the study of social movements, nationally and internationally.
  • To develop links and dialogues with social movements organizations and other related networks to facilitated research.
  • To facilitate spaces for reflecting upon the ways in which academic research can contribute to these movements.

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