Accepted papers

‘Blair’s Babes’ and the Body Politic: Women, Democracy
and Media-ted Representation in the 1997 British General

Charlotte Adcock
Keywords: Women, representation, democracy, newspapers,
journalism, public sphere politics

Framing Gulf War 2 : a preliminary assessment of
the coverage of the Iraq war in British television reporting.

Daniele Albertazzi
Keywords: ITV, BBC, GULF WAR 2

A Vampire is being beaten – De Sade through the
Looking Glass in Buffy and Angel

Jenny Alexander
Keywords: Abjection, male body, sadomasochism, visual
codes, feminism

Internationalism in times of hate : anti-racist
campaigns in European football and in the USA after "September

Mark Alleyne
Keywords: Propaganda, constructivism, internationalism,
racism, terrorism, football

Seeing, feeling, knowing: a case study of audience
perspective on screen documentary

Thomas Austin
Keywords: Screen documentary, audiences

The Lord of the Rings as a contemporary phenomenon
Martin Barker
Keywords: Lord of the Rings, contemporary film, fantast,
book/film adaptations

Writing my Father: men masculinities and auto/biography
John Benyon
Keywords: auto/biography; emplotment; masculinities;
gendered identity; imperial masculinity; life routes; ancestral "roots";
and creative writing/poetry

Women in Scottish Politics: a study of women MSP’s
and their communication with journalists in mainstream
and political news media

Sally Berrisford
Keywords: Media, communications, gender, Scottish politics

Boy meets boy meets girl meets girl L gender and
sexuality in the media

Sara Bragg
Keywords: Gender, sexuality, media, young people, audiences

Representing European ethnicities: reflections on
media analysis and action research

Ros Brunt
Keywords: Europe, young people, Arabs, Muslims, media
representation, action research

British Documentary Drama – Production, ontology
and criticism

Richard Butt
Keywords: Documentary drama, reception, aesthetics, ontology,

The crisis of information age journalism: isolated,
international or imaginary?

Vincent Campbell
Keywords: Information age, journalism, crisis, international
comparisons, new technology

Television for a new global order: transnational
television networks and the formation of global systems

Jean Chalaby
Keywords: Deterritorialisation, globalisation, global
systems, televisions networks, transnational television

Many globalisations: the dynamic of culture, technology
and society – Harry Potter crosses borders

Crystal Chia-sui sum
Keywords: Globalisation, cultural flows, technology,
Harry Potter

The nation-state in a globalising media environment:
China’s regulatory policies on Transborder TV Drama Flow

Yik-chan Chin
Keywords: Globalisation, nation-state, China, Television
policy, TV Drama

Official Ireland? Truth and the news : defence and
security reporting in Ireland

Tom Clonan
Keywords: Reporting, news, truth, defence, security,

Internet Governance in the UK
Richard Collins
Keywords: Internet, governance, self-regulation, DNS

"Well it beats doing your homework" : Re-representing
protests against the war in Iraq: young people, politics
and apathy

Stephen Cushion
Keywords: young people, new coverage, apathy, Iraq Way,

Ideology in Culture : Repression of the Return?
Aeron Davis
Keywords: Ideology, culture, elites, networks, the city

The power and limits of media based international
oppositional politics The Brent Spar affair: Greenpeace
versus Shell

Wilma De Jong
Keywords: International pressure groups, media, global
public sphere

Hearing Voices : vocal performance and stardom in
Princess Mononoke

Rayna Denison
Keywords: Voice, vocal performance, star studies, animation

Educating blonds ; widening participation and the

Angela Devas
Keywords: Widening participation, femininity, gender,
education, class

The Pfaffs are not like the Osbournes – National
inflections of the celebrity docusoap

Alexander Dhoest
Keywords: Docusoap, national identity, case study, flanders

Behind Defensive Shield The Israeli Media and the
Re-occupation of the West Bank

Daniel Dor

Cinemergencies : Deleuze and machinic abstraction
in Cinema

Garin Dowd
Keywords: Abstraction, machinic, diagram, force, emergence,
emergency, "cinemergancy", Deleuze, Garrel, Foucault, the

‘No one would have believed’ H.G. Wells and Popular

Linda Dryden
Keywords: K.G. Wells, science fiction, popular culture,
cultural influences

Learners’ personal constructs about ‘reflections’
on practical work

Dan Fleming
Keywords: Reflection, pedagogy, practice, learning, teaching

Dumbing Up? The ‘mirror’ and the war
Des Freedman
Keywords: Newspapers, political communications, war,
ownership, tabloidisation

Media celebrities and young people’s aspirations:
an art project

David Gauntlett
Keywords: Audiences and identities, celebrity, gender,
research methods, young people, influences and aspirations

Virtual Reality : Space of Negotiation
Petra Gemeinboeck
Keywords: Virtual Reality, virtuality, space, embodiment,
negotiation, presence, art

The creation of worldwide TV studios for children

Konstantina Giannopoulou
Keywords: Media education, schools, worldwide TV studios,
young students (children), cultural exchange, global activities

Branding Hollywood: Studio logos and aesthetics
of Memory and Hype

Keywords: Branding, logos, studio majors, post-classical Hollywood, cultural

Children drawing toy commercials, understanding
and media transference of television production features

Merris Griffiths
Keywords: Advertising, children, media literacy, production
techniques, toys

‘But Who is Betty Crocker?’ The critical interrogation
of the representation of people and personalities in contemporary
international packaging

Kirsten Hardie
Keywords: Media, marketing, visual culture, consumerism,
semiotics, packaging, advertising, cultural studies, multicultural,
identity, branding, celebrity

Madness, media and "Misrepresentation" : critical
reflections on anti-stigma discourse

Stephen Harper
Keywords: Mental Illness, violence, critical reflections
on anti stigma discourse.

Audiences, value and subjectivity : an Ethnography
of Popular Music

David Hesmondhalgh
Keywords: Audiences, value and subjectivity

The textual engineering of "Zeitgeist Monstrosity":
Appropriations of Genetics in contemporary horror film

Matthew Hills
Keywords: Genetics, appropriation, horror genre, narrative,

Over, under, sideways, down: middle managers, organisational
hierarchies, communities and communication

Peter Jachimiak
Keywords: Communication, communities, definement/confinement,
hierarchies, Locations of enactment, middle managers, organisations

"A home for Refugees ; Writing Wales differently"
John Jewell
Keywords: Refugees, hound people. Media literacy

Lifestyle Media, the City and Identity Politics
in Athens

Krini Kafiris
Keywords: Lifestyle, magazines, radio, city, identity

Global Knowledge as Local Entertainment: The Launch
of University Challenge India

Angelina Karpovich
Keywords: Cross cultural television formats, quiz show,
knowledge and nationhood, local audiences, local knowledge

Adaptation and Agency: Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
and the marginalisation of the child in children’s cinema

Ewan Kirkland
Keywords: children, agency, representation, genre, musical

‘Story Placing’: how journalists and audiences use
physical and cultural geographies in mapping sexual abuse

Jenney Kitzinger
Keywords: Sexual abuse, violence, representation, geography,

Towards an Understanding of Vernacular Cinema
Mikel J. Koven
Keywords: exploitation cinema, vernacular and cultural
theory, giallo

Placing Research into Teaching
Stuart Laing
Keywords: Research, teaching, knowledge production

Media Coverage of the war with Iraq
Justin Lewis
Keywords: Iraq/war/media

Reading Girls images in transnational popular culture
in Asia

Yeran Kim
Keywords: Postcoloniality, transnational communication,
popular culture, girls eroticism

Disgusted from Tunbridge Wells : The editor constructs
the offended audience

Sharon Lockyer
Keywords: Readers letters, editorial manipulation, offence,
censure, straplines, intertextuality, strategic positioning

Fantasy for Reality: ‘Reality’ and ‘Storyworld’
in the Critical Reception of The Lord of the Rings

Ernest Mathijs

There is no altruism in voluntary work : unpaid
work in the lives of recent Media and Cultural Studies

Nicole Matthews
Keywords: Voluntary work, unpaid work, graduate destinations,
graduateness, employability, work experience, work based

The alternative Press in Northern Ireland
Gred McLaughlin
Keywords: Press dissent, conflict, media and cultural

Cultural Computer Games -he Emergence of a Research

Andy Miah
Keywords: Computer games, culture, research, policy,

Computer games and female audiences. A study on
the myth of the boy gamer

Elena Moschini
Keywords: Computer games, game audiences, female audiences,
digital entertainment

Frankenstein Returns : Visual Politics and the GM

Graham Murdock
Keywords: popular imagery, photography, politics, news,
public sphere, genetic modification

The status of the electronic archive in digital

John Frederick Myles
Keywords: Electronic archive, disintermediation, horizontal-lexical
and vertical-indexical levels of archival reason, acts of
consignation, community, the mundane, material history, memory

Commercial Radio in Wales, 1972 – 2003: radio and
the Public Sphere

Thomas O’Malley
Keywords: Wales, commercial radio, public sphere, radio
history, policy

Transgender and the Internet: global movement or
casualty of globalisation

Kate O’Riordan
Keywords: Transgender, transsexual, social movements,
internet, alternative media

Video, technology and emplacements in St Petersburg
Gail Pearce
Keywords: Video, digital technologies, artistic practice,
Russia, St Petersburg, 2002-2003, site-specific, cross cultural,
local, national and international, identity and place, emplacements

Heritage, humanism, populism : the representation
of Shakespeare on contemporary British television

Roberta Pearson
Keywords: Shakespeare, television. Heritage

The Virtual Spaces of the Internet: towards the
standardisation or diversification of culture

Sheenagh Pietrobruno
Keywords: cyberspace, dance, Diaspora, globalisation,

Structures of Feeling: a critical re-appraisal
Eryl Price-Davies
Keywords: Structure of feeling, culture, Marxism, cultural

Gender, culture and memory : how public memory institutions
articulate gender in relation to atrocity and genocide

Anna Reading
Keywords: Gender, cultural memory, museums, memorials,
genocide, atrocity, the holocaust

British television culture: the special relationship
Paul Rixon
Keywords: Television, schedules, British television culture,
American television, television imports

Western wars and peace activism: Movements in global
mass-mediated politics

Martin Shaw
Keywords: Movements and action methods, media and civil

Film Studies and the creation of Hollywood genres:
the case of melodrama and the woman’s film

Martin Shingler
Keywords: Film, genre, melodrama, woman’s film

Designed for pleasure : style indulgence and accessorised

Clarissa Smith
Keywords: Sex toys, sex retailing, women consumers, distinction,

Negotiating the Past: the process of identity construction
Fiona Smith
Keywords: Media and nostalgia, postmodernism and fragmentation,

Media and the (Global) Public Sphere
Colin Sparks
Keywords: (global) public sphere. Globalisation, media

The difference between sources and experts – The
MMR vaccine in the British media

Tammy Speers
Keywords: MMR, vaccine, expertise, sources

From Programmes to Formats: Television Industry
Discourse and the Future of Broadcasting

Steve Spittle
Keywords: Formats, public service broadcasting, marketisation,
industrial discourse

Social movements and Global Activism
Neil Stammers
Keywords: Social movements, global activism, (I) NGO’s.

David Bowie, performance and bohemian cultures :
popular music into literature

Nick Stevenson

Theorising Television: The Day Britain Stopped and

Michael Stewart
Keywords: Television, melodrama, genre, docu-drama, textual
analysis, cultural technology

Developing community media practice with students
at Nottingham Trent University

Georgia Stone

New Developments in the realm of the senses: film
studies meets neuroscience

Donovan Synmoie
Keywords: Neuroscience, media and film theory, theories
of cognition

‘A Tory press wot won it?" Politics and the Popular
Press in the UK 1940 – 2003

James Thomas
Keywords: Politicisation, Tory press, winter of discontent,
newspaper power

Nationhood and Europeanness – discursive constructions
in the English and Scottish press

Ruxandra Trandafoiu
Keywords: Press, Europe, nationalism, identity, devolution,
Englishness, Scottishness, Britishness

The decline of US mass media on the work scene
Jeremy Tunstall
Keywords: USA, Media, World

Citizenship, Disgust and Media Capital: Discourses
on British Tabloid Newspapers

Karin Wahl-Jorgensen
Keywords: Mass observation, tabloids, discourse, citizenship,
Journalism, popular culture, news

Megan Kanka and Sarah Payne: A cross-cultural comparison
of coverage in the US and UK press

Claire Wardle
Keywords: Press, discourse, crime

‘No need for fear or Secrets’: Ruth Fisher and grotesque
realism in HBO’s Six Feet Under.

Sherryl Wilson
Keywords: TV Drama, grotesque realism, family, representation
of women.

Playing the Game by the Rules? Television regulation
around China’s entry into WTO

Guo Zhenzhi
Keywords: China, television, transformation, law, regulation

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